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Mission and Quality

Mission and Quality

The safety of the operators who are striping on the road and the safety of the drivers who use the road, should be the final mission of each road marking contractor: for sure it is CMC mission.
CMC road stripers are easy handling and simple to use, so the operator can pay more attention to the road and to possible sources of danger. To preserve the safety on the road, the operator must respect all the prescriptions for the correct use and maintenance of the machine. Every striper is delivered with its instruction manual which contains all the necessary notices and warnings. The operator must read it carefully and well understand it, before starting to use the machine!

The good quality of a line is defined by exact parameters as visibility during the day and the night, visibility in dry and in wet conditions, grip properties (antiskid). All these parameters are well fixed by EU Directives and should be considered good guidelines, to be followed on every road, also in extra EU countries. To make a top quality line are necessary an excellent machine and a good paint. A poor quality paint can damage the final result as much as a machine not at the state of the art. Thanks to our long experience in the market, and to several tests and demonstrations done with paints from all over the world, we can help contractors to choose the best products for road markings.

CMC machines are equipped with all the safety devices prescribed by European norms and are delivered with:

– EC Declaration of conformity according to EU Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery

– EC Declaration of conformity according to EU Directive 14/68/EU for Pressure Equipment (PED directive) –ref. only to machines with pressurized tank.