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About us

Since 1980 CMC has been producing high quality road marking machines.
It was founded by people coming from the sector of road marking. Thanks to their practical experience, at CMC we understood that the innovation in road marking equipment starts from ideas and needs of the operators, which daily emerge on the road. CMC established a profitable relationship of mutual comparison with the clients, in order to achieve the best solutions to increase the efficiency and rapidity of the operators. CMC machines were born on the road, to go working on the road! The direct contact with contractors has a fundamental importance for our professional growth and for our system of constant innovation.
CMC chose to follow directly the entire production cycle of the machines: the manufacturing of frames, the painting and the final assembly of the components are all internally made in our Italian premises, with the purpose of studying every single detail of the machine.
Nothing is taken for granted! Also the position of the smallest control is deeply analysed and is tested in advance with our clients.

Road Marking Machines

CMC produces road marking machines with different striping technologies: airspray machines, airless machines, cold plastic machines and thermospray machines. CMC offers a wide range of models: from “4-wheels man on board” machines to simple and small equipment, ideal for indoor signalisation and easy to use also for the beginners.

The variety of models and configurations is the result of the deep attention always reserved to the special exigencies of the applicators.
The machines are continually improving thanks to the projects of our technicians and to several tests made with our clients and with paint producers on the roads of all over the world.

Reliability, professionally and profitable price/quality ratio have made CMC a strong brand in the sector of road marking equipment in Italy and in the world.

...not only road marking!

In order to offer a more complete service to the contractors CMC proposes a wide range of complementary equipment for road marking such as: scarifiers to remove paint and plastic materials, stencils for letters and symbols, according to Italian rules or on request, rope winders.

In 2012 CMC faced a new professional challenge consisting in the production of airless pumps, mostly used in the building and construction industry, in structural steel works, in the shipbuilding industry, in carpentries and for every painting necessity which requires versatility and efficiency.
Thanks to many years of assembly of the airless pumps on our road marking machines and after many operations of maintenance, we have developed a deep experience and we have exploited it to grant the best levels of reliability on CMC airless pumps. It is the same level of quality that we are proud to defend for a long time with our road stripers.

Safety and Quality

The safety of the operators who are striping on the road and the safety of the drivers who use the road,  should be the final mission of each road marking contractor: for sure it is CMC mission.



CMC produces road marking machines with different technologies: Airless, Airless 2C, Airspray, Open screedbox system, Thermoplastic airspray.

Customer orientation

CMC machines are born on the road, to go working on the road! The direct contact with contractors has a fundamental importance for our professional growth and for our system of constant innovation.

Cmc road marking machines...follow the line of the experience!