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Airspray road marking machines are equipped with a low pressure system based on the supply of air of pulverisation.
They are stripers extremely easy to use with very low costs and time of maintenance.
Thanks to use of nozzles with big diameters (from 3 mm to 10 mm), airspray road stripers are the only ones able to apply special paints with high content and high granulometry of antiskid materials. These type of paint are specially used for cycle lanes and for F1 and Moto GP tracks.
Airspray machines are endowed with a compressor that supplies air for guns control, for putting under pressure the tanks of paint, solvent and beads (max. pressure= 6 bar) and for pulverising the paint which comes out from the nozzle.


The biggest advantage of airspray is the possibility to apply a big variety of paints. With an airspray striper you can spray all following paints:
– premixed with small glass beads paints
– alkyd or acrilyc, solvent based paints
– waterborne paints
– paints with high content of antiskid materials and with big granulometry (necessary for MOTOR TRACKS).

Thanks to big nozzles, airspray road stripers work also with poor quality paints, not perfectly refined. Contrary an airless striper requires specially formulated paints.

Usually the borders of airspray line aren’t so well defined as borders of airless line. But pay attention: if you equip an airspray striper with marking discs, you can obtain a border definition better than airless and equivalent to a line made delimiting the borders with adhesive tapes!

The costs of maintenance are cheap: apart from the periodical change of the o-ring of the guns, it is enough to take care of the engine and of the compressor, by cleaning them and by changing oil and filters.

Airspray striper using is easy and intuitive, after 3 regulations you can start immediately to work : paint pressure, air pressure, height of the gun from ground.

AIRSPRAY PUSH MACHINES or with Hydraulic Motorized Chariot

The small size and the lack of hydraulic drive make these machines ideal for the small jobs, where it is required easy handling and capacity to mark very sharp bends (like as indoor markings jobs). Push machines are suggested for parking lots, cycle lanes, sports fields and wherever is mostly required the use of the hand-gun to paint wide surfaces (pedestrian crossings, etc).

To increase productivity is possibile to equip the line stripers with HMC, Hydraulic Motorized Chariot.


They are the most favourite line striping units of the professional applicators!

The variable flow pump guarantees substantial advantages, in terms of safety and performance. Safety is given by the control of the drive, comfortable and easy.

These line striping units are unbeatable on mountain roads: the variable flow pump allows to overcome very high slopes (also more than 30%), avoiding sudden movements of the machine.

The control of drive never become hard, not even on the slopes: it is always comfortable and easy to manage, allowing a fast change of speed in safety conditions.

This benefit is appreciated during the daily operations of loading and unloading of the striper from the transport van.

Even a beginner immediately understand the advantages of the high performance and he can drive a machine of more than 400 kg at 16 km/h, without any fear.


Airless line stripers exploit a system of painting at high pressure (max 230 bar), without air of pulverization.
These units are equipped with an airless pump which suctions the paint directly from the original can or from a tank, not pressurized.


The main advantage of airless technology consists of the total elimination of “overspray” (overspray is the waste of paint particles, due to pulverisation air).
Airless line stripers are recommended if it is necessary a high definition of line borders, for example on concrete surfaces, where the possible spraying inaccuracies are stressed.

Airless nozzles have extremely small diameters (from 0,18 mm to 1 mm) and so they need specially formulated paints.

With airless equipment you cannot use paints premixed with glass beads or with other granular material (like antiskid).

The maintenance procedure requires more time and attention than airspray equipment, because at the end of the use it is recommended the cleaning of the whole paint circuit: pump, hoses, filters and guns.
Periodically it is necessary the replacement of the packings of the airless pump.

Some of our airless road stripers can be equipped also for the application of 2 component cold spray plastic (CSP). This type of product based on MMA resins is well know for its property of high resistance to wear and it is better applied by airless technology, because the film is more homogenous and help the adhesion of glass beads.

AIRLESS PUSH MACHINES or with Hydraulic Motorized Chariot

Thanks to small size and lack of hydraulic drive, these machines are suitable for works where it is necessary easy handling and capacity to mark very sharp bends. They are perfect for parking lots, cycle lanes and sports fields and also for jobs where it is required an intensive use of manual gun for painting wide surfaces. To increase productivity is possibile to equip some line stripers with HMC, Hydraulic Motorized Chariot.

The direct suction from the bucket facilitates jobs involving frequent colour changes and the applications of 2 component paints, because after the use you do not have to clean any tank! That is a big time saving.

The airless stripers equipped with diaphragm pumps are cheap, easy to use and to maintain. Piston pump is suggested for the application of products with higher viscosity.

Airless 2C - 2 Colors o 2 Components

The road marking machines identified with 2C (2 COLOURS) are equipped with 2 independent circuits for paint, in order to apply two colours at the same time.

If they are equipped with the suitable accessories, they can exploit the 2 circuits for the application of Cold Spray Plastic. Cold Spray Plastic (CSP) is a 2 component product based on reactive methacrylic resins (MMA), well known for its high resistance to wear.
The use of CSP 1:1 requires the pre-mixing of one of the components (A or B, depends on manufacturer) with a third component, the catalyst.

These machines apply the CSP with ratio of mixing 1:1 (same quantity of A and B), can be equipped for external mixing or internal mixing.

External mixing, known as “spray in spray”, is a simple method, fast and easy to use: the 2 components meet only after they have been sprayed, thanks to proper inclination of the guns.

With the Internal mixing, the 2 components come in contact inside a small pipe with a static mixer and are sprayed by only one gun, after the mixing. The internal mixing is more accurate than external mixing, but requires more attention in the use and maintenance of the machine: once stopped the spraying, it is strictly necessary to clean immediately the small pipe with the mixer, the rubber hose and the gun, to avoid that the plastic sticking inside the system. The machines with internal mixing are endowed with a supplementary circuit of flushing, in order to proceed rapidly with the cleaning procedure.


Striping units of middle size and high performance, suitable for a wide variety of jobs. The hydraulic drive considerably reduces the time for moving from one place to another and guarantees a constant forward movement, which is fundamental to apply on homogeneous film of paint.

These machines do not have any competitors thanks to: the type of hydraulic drive and the presence of an air compressor, source of incomparable advantages. The hydraulic drive consists of: a compact variable-flow pump and 2 hydrualic motors, mounted on the wheels. This system makes our machines unbeatable up and down mountains roads! Even slopes of 30% can be overtaken without dangerous and sudden movements of the machine. The control of drive never become hard, not even on the slopes: it is always comfortable and easy to manage, allowing a fast change of speed in safety conditions. This benefit is appreciated during the daily operations of loading and unloading of the striper from the transport van.
The air compressor supplies the air necessary for:
-activating the pneumatic controls of the machines, more precise and faster than manual cable controls
-putting under pressure the glass bead tanks. Pressurized tanks guarantee the constant feeding of beads to the gun and allow a better penetration of beads in the film of paint
-supplying the air of distribution to the bead gun, which can apply beads up to 1400 micron of diameter.
In order to apply a line conform to what prescribed by EU directives EN1436, the air compressor is not optional, IT IS A MUST!

The airless stripers equipped with diaphragm pumps are cheap, easy to use and to maintain. Piston pump is suggested for the application of products with high viscosity or when it is required a relevant flow rate of paint, in order to mark lines at higher speed.


These machines are very stable and visible thanks to their big frame on 4 wheels and the well balanced distribution of weights. The considerable capacity of the tanks make them optimal for long jobs, where the high autonomy of paint and beads is fundamental.

CMC has made its 4-wheel machines extremely compact and narrow, in order to minimize the space occupied on the street. Positioning the guns on front side, between the wheels, the road striper is more easily overtaken by cars and trucks!

All these machines are equipped with mechanical steering on the front wheels, except the model L250SN (airspray machine). This model is specially equipped with central steering, to be able to strip also on sharp U-bends without the risk of touching the wet line with the rear wheels.

The biggest machines are perfect for jobs in the airports, thanks to the possibility of adding a kit for marking 90 cm in one shot!


These road stripers are specifically done for the application of only one type of products: Cold Plastic (CP).

CP is a 2 component material based on methacrylic reactive resins (MMA), formulated for the application by extrusion (not sprayed). The first component is liquid, but very thick (approx. 2kg/dm3), while the second is a catalyst in powder. The mixing ratio can vary between 100:1 and 100:3, depending on the manufacturer.

This product can be applied with 3 different effects, but all with high thickness: flat effect (flat line), structure effect (agglomerate), ribs effect (flat line with variable profile, or only ribs).

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